Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR & CorinGreen

CSR & CorinGreen

For decades, environmentalists have been warning that human economic activity is exceeding the planet's limits. Of course, humanity keeps pushing those limits back with clever new technologies; yet living systems are undeniably in decline. As a result, natural capital is being degraded and liquidated by the wasteful use of such resources as energy, materials, water, fiber, and topsoil.

CorinGreen invests in natural resources and ecosystem services that make possible all economic activity, while protecting the environment and our country's rare biodiversity. These services are of immense economic value; some are literally priceless, since they have no known substitutes.

Yet current business practices typically fail to take into account the value of these assets-which is rising with their scarcity. The key to success for a 21st young European innovative company is Sustainable Growth for a Socially Responsible Business Model.

Sustainable growth in a CSR corporate environment means:

building a more competitive low-carbon economy that makes efficient, sustainable use of resources;

protecting the environment, reducing emissions and preventing biodiversity loss;

capitalizing on Europe's leadership in developing new green technologies and production methods;

harnessing EU-scale networks to give our businesses an additional competitive advantage;

improving the business environment, in particular for SMEs;

helping industrial clients and consumers make well-informed choices.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) represents a key built-in mechanism in CorinGreen's day-to-day operations.

Always bearing in mind the human factor, quality of life, scientific research and innovation, CorinGreen is always programming and activities are designed and addressed, towards municipalities and scientific communities in Greece.

A number of actions is scheduled to be implemented, mainly addressed to local communities and wider regional environment, where our business activities are conducted:

iGI: Institute for the advancement of Green Innovation: create a Forum for novel ideas and practices with an immediate effect on green sustainable growth.

National Biotech Scholarship Program: support talented post-graduate students in the field of Biotechnology.

International Bio-Economy Congress: organize an annual international event to link green innovation and economy.

Open Green Factory: invite schools and the younger generation to visit our labs, learn basic biotechnology principles.

National Bio-innovation Competition Award: encourage regional Life Sciences Research community to create innovative proposals towards new industrial products and services.

CSR & CorinGreen