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posted on March, 2014

Participation in Eleotechnia Exhibition 7-10 March

In Greece, third oil-producing country in the world and junctional point for the Balkans and the countries of Middle East, no sectional fair has been organized up to this day for the olive-culture sector. A sector that employees and concerns more than 1,000,000 families of oil-producers, oil-pressers, merchants etc. and contributes considerably to our national economy. This gap is about to be covered by the branch fair Eleotexnia, which is being organized by the company Compass Expo Limited. Eleotexnia is being organized under the auspices of agencies and vocational organizations, in collaboration with International Organizations, the participation of foreign organizations and important Mass Media as media partners/. The fair is expected to be visited by the parties concerned, businessmen, and buyers from all over Greece and abroad. The fair shall be framed by important parallel events (Congresses, One-day Meetings, and Presentations of Companies etc.). Particular and special services of reception, hospitality and conducted tour have been scheduled for people in charge of important companies, chains of supermarkets etc.

In Eleotechnia we presented our first product to the public. Biomolecular e-tiquette®

The first interactive scientific tool for representing the nutritional value

Using cutting edge technologies, and in accordance with the highest standards of European Legislation Biomolecular e-tiquette® is highly important for: Highlighting the biological value of agricultural & forage products. Interacting with the consumers. Offering great advantage to businesses. Using online platforms to make our living better filled with knowledge.

Eleotechnia outside view of Brochure
Eleotechnia outside view of Brochure Eleotechnia inside view of Brochure