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  • CorinGreen founded in 2011, a newly admitted member of the European Federation of Biotechnology is a Greek pioneering Life Sciences and Green Biotechnology industrial start up that has accumulated significant know how and is capable of supporting the industrial sectors of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food technology and bioenergy.


  • The CorinGreen Team carries unique blend of industrial management experience and bioscientific know how that is capable of continouesly researching and developing green biotechnology products and services.


  • CorinGreen's biorefinery team has designed constructed and currently been operating the top of the edge line of high tech bioprocessing and analytical instrumentation.

BioMollecular e-tiquette

  • Our R&D bioanalysis team has recently discovered an innovative methodology to combine informatics advancements and omics (metabolomics, geonomics, proteomics, catalomics) sciences in order to create an electronic molecular identity of selected food and agricultural products.

Meet the partners

Our point of view

  • CorinGreen at a glance

    CorinGreen at a glance

    As one of Greece's pioneering expert in green biotechnology and plant bioinformatics, CorinGreen supports all domestic and regional exporting...industrial players in the food/drink, pharma, cosmetics, materials and energy sectors. Our unrivalled Scientific Team helps our industrial partners to advance scientific solutions, improve productivity and profitability by providing world-class innovative products and tools.

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Construct, operate and grow the 1st green biotech refinery of SE Europe capable of producing certified biological antioxidant and enzyme...enriched extracts and molecular compounds from the Greek agricultural products and our country's unique Flora.

    Help to improve the quality of Greek agriculture and support our country's exporting activities.

  • Mission


    The company's mission is to be progressively recognized as the source of innovative enzymic plant bioextracts and phytochemicals for the cosmetics..., personal care, functional ingredients pharmaceuticals, food and drinks technology players of Greece and SE Europe offering an internationally recognized library of organic extracts, bioactive ingredients and top-quality services.

  • Key team members

    Key team members

    Mr Costas Katsogiannis, CEO Economist

    Dr Alex Pavlou, President..., Biotechnologist

    Prof Brian Clark, Member of the Board, Vice President European Federation of Biotechnology

  • Corporate News

    Corporate News

    Our specialist knowledge, industrial experience and scientific credentials make our team uniquely placed to support our client business. Our... Industrial and Scientific experts have proven track records in both strategic planning and R&D execution. Our experts carry wide experience in every phase of new product, life cycle management and company development and are totally committed to CorinGreen's corporate vision.

  • Our R&D Concept

    Our R&D Concept

    Our core business unit works to reveal the invaluable natural wealth of the Greek and Mediterranean rich plant biodiversity. The Greek flora is... widely known as one of the richest natural resources of phytochemicals of the world. Currently more than six thousand plant species live, prosper and evolve on the Greek mainland and the Aegean and Ionian Archipelagic Ecosystems.

  • Our key Scientific Partners

    Our key Scientific Partners

    Prof. Brian Clark

    Prof. Nicolaos Labrou...

    Prof. Manolis Flemetakis

    John Sarros

    MSc Panagiotis Gerovasilis

  • Bioprocessing

    BioProcessing Unit

    CorinGreen is an expert in BioProcess Engineering, specializing in white and green Biotechnology, Biological Engineering, Chemical... Engineering and Agricultural Engineering. Our R&D team focuses on the design and development of manufacturing processes for products such as functional food ingredients, biopharmaceuticals, antioxidants, nutraceuticals, phytochemicals, and biopolymers from plant biological materials.

  • BioAnalysis : Our 'Phytomics' efforts

    BioAnalysis Unit: Our 'Phytomics' efforts

    CorinGreen runs a plant Metabolomics program that studies the complete... small-molecule metabolite profile of conventional Greek agricultural products and domestic medicinal plants. Their derived metabolome is the very end product not only of the genetic setup of each plant species analyzed, but also of the sum of all influences it is exposed to, such as various environmental factors, water quality and fertilization.

  • BioFoodTech

    BioFood Tech

    The renaissance of preventive medicine will be one of the key 21st century ... global healthcare trends and will work to minimize disease risk by reducing the volume of prescribed drugs. Meanwhile, several functional bioactive foods and ingredients are currently being developed to empower our immune system and improve quality of life.

  • CorinGreen's Production Strategy

    CorinGreen's Production Strategy

    Our first product line is expected to reach the market before the end... of 2014 including a whole series of biological enzymes, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, polyphenols and plant peptids extracted from Greek melon species (Cantalupensis melo cucumis).

  • Phytochemicals : Our Unconventional Approach

    Phytochemicals : Our Unconventional Approach

    CorinGreen runs an unconventional... approach in phytochemical research based on six principles

  • BioMollecular e-tiquette

    BioMollecular e-tiquette

    CorinGreen's Molecular label ID for plants, corps and foods.Omics sciences and informatics tools... combined. The BioMollecular e-tiquette Tool employs modern omics methodologies such as genomics, metabolomics, catalomics and oxidomics combined with informatics to analyze foods and agricultural products and...

  • Innovative Strategic Development & Alliances (ISDA)

    Innovative Strategic Development & Alliances (ISDA)

    Our company's most Senior... Managers and Board Members have created and currently operating a unit that sets a number of qualitative and quantitative corporate goals and orchestrates corporate growth strategy based on global market trends and competitive intelligence.

  • Business Academic & Regulatory Affairs (BARA)

    Business Academic & Regulatory Affairs (BARA)

    This is a novel business discipline... that works to manage all administrative processes related to company's contractual partnerships either with Academic Institutions, Governmental/EU bodies and private organizations.

  • Marketing & Commercial Development (MCD)

    Marketing & Commercial Development (MCD)

    Global marketing strategies play a... significant role in modern management. Our newly developed unit analyses and forecasts global market trends and creates frequent product and technology specific competitive intelligence reports, electronic maps and e-tools that supports the ISDA team.

  • Research & Development (R&D)

    Research & Development (R&D)

    R&D lies at the heart of our core business strategy. CorinGreen in its... sense is an innovation-dedicated House that invests more than 80% of its capital in plant biochemistry research and phytochemistry.

  • Biorefinery Operations (BO)

    Biorefinery Operations (BO)

    Our biorefinery team is fully dedicated in operating an innovative production... line of specialized phytochemicals.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Our QA team works to ensure that all company operations related to managerial, R&D or biorefining operations follow HACCP, ISO and... GMP regulations. We have created a systematic measurement, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that propagates error prevention.

Innovation and Values

  • Our business model principles

    "There is increasing evidence that the failure of most ROI forecasting models springs from their linearized and simplified nature. The return of a project within a biotech value chain is usually calculated by determining its contribution to the company's equity value." - Read More

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    "For decades, environmentalists have been warning that human economic activity is exceeding the planet's limits. Of course, humanity keeps pushing those limits back with clever new technologies; yet living systems are undeniably in decline." - Read More

  • Regional Policy for Smart Growth in Europe 2020

    "Innovation is key to staying competitive in a rapidly changing world. Europe's competitiveness, its capacity to create new jobs, its social fabric and cohesion, and, overall, our future standard of living depend on the ability to drive innovation in products, services, businesses and organisations." - Read More

  • HORIZON 2020 - The Framework Program for Research and Innovation

    "The Framework Program for Research and Innovation. World class science is the foundation of tomoorow's technologies, jobs and wellbeing. Europe needs to develop, attract and retain research talent therefore reasearchers need access to the best infrastractures." - Read More

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